About Me

Hi, I’m Rosana, creator of La Mia Fiaba. I am very happy to meet you and I feel honored that you are visiting the My Fairy Tale space. I have been living in Milan since 2017 and I returned to Italy after a few years spent in the United States.
Fashion and design have always been my passions that I was lucky enough to be able to cultivate in my previous experience in Italy, in this case in Florence, having worked for leading companies in the sector.
Decisive for me was the subsequent stay in the United States which led me to reflect on what I wanted to achieve, pushing me to continue studying to cultivate my passion: to create something of my own!
I then decided with great enthusiasm to dive into the adventure My Fairy Tale, with the aim of creating smart craftsmanship creations with an Italian design.
I design and make my jewels with the continuous ambition to create unique, elegant and feminine but above all fun pieces! I spend hours studying materials, designs, combinations and colors. I always make my jewels with the utmost care and attention to the quality of each single piece.
La Mia Fiaba jewels are versatile and original and I would like anyone to feel special wearing one … or more!
The success of the experience in the United States went far beyond my wildest expectations, allowing me to fulfill my desire and, at the same time, make thousands of women happy who now wear La Mia Fiaba creations.
Equally exciting is my current experience in Italy. The numerous positive feedbacks from my customers, fans and muses at the same time, urge me to continue creating new creations to meet the needs of many women, and not only.
In fact, recently my creations have also met the interest of male customers, encouraging me to create a small men’s collection … Soon online!
Thank you for visiting the My Fairy Tale space. I wish you a fantastic experience wearing the creations I made.